Wednesday , April 1 2015

Problems on syllogism

Hi Friends, Some of them following rules to solve syllogism, others following venn diagram to solve syllogism. But here i am going to explain syllogism with venn diagram. I feel that the rules are difficult to do syllogisms. venn diagram is easy method to solve syllogism. Syllogism means what? A ...

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Problems on Average


Hi Friends, Their is no direct average questions from ibps bank exam. Questions are asked from data interpretation. Find the difference between average of pass students and fail students like that only questions asked from average. So we should be prepare and carefully handle these questions. while solving these sums, ...

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Types of Bank Accounts


Types of Bank Accounts This topic is important for bank exams, as generally many questions are asked in bank exams and interview on bank accounts like what are different types of accounts in bank ,what is difference between current account and saving account .So understanding this topic is very important. VARIOUS TYPES ...

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Types of Cheque


  Cheque is, signed unconditional order addressing the bank to credit the amount to the holder of instrument . Cheque is widely used mode of payment. It is used as safe mode for making payments and loss can be minimized if lost It is an order to a bank by the drawer to pay the amount mentioned ...

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The Reserve Bank of India


The Reserve Bank of India The Reserve Bank of India or, RBI, as we so often call it is India’s ‘central bank’; it represents India’s financial/industrial identity in the world. RBI is the formidable institution that holds our country’s banking/economy/industry sectors all together and geared towards growth and development – ...

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Hcf and Lcm


Hi Friends, Here i am going to explain about Hcf and Lcm. In bank Po exams we can get 3 to 5 marks with use of Hcf and Lcm. There is no direct question from Hcf and Lcm. What is Hcf ? Hcf means Highest common factor. Find the Hcf ...

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How to solve ibps bank aptitude questions in 36 seconds?


How to solve ibps bank aptitude questions in 36 seconds? Hi friends, We have alloted only 36 seconds to solve ibps bank aptitude questions. Is it possible to do this? Ya sure, there is a chance. There are many books, materials and websites are giving lot of shortcuts, but we dont know the reason why we are ...

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Bank Tag lines


Hi Friends, Welcome to… In every bank exams (clerk and po exams) one question asked from Bank Tag lines. So here i am posting Bank Tag lines. Clearly study and memorize it then only you will get one mark just reading the question. Because we know, time management is very ...

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